A Dynamic Trainee Support Division (TSD) is functioning in the IIMS with an energetic & dedicated staff, who continuously monitors trainee's academic record & performance Status. We provide them excellent guidance, support & information and help them to keep on track & find the right pathway and be successful. The TSD at IIMS provide a safe, caring and supportive environment for young people to develop their personal and social skills. The TSD help them reach their potential and improve their learning. Our following assistance is free to all our trainees @IIMS.

Academic Study Skills

The primary goal of TSD is to assist students in becoming more efficient and effective learners, we are open to all who wish to improve their academic skills and ability to learn. These Skills including Time Management, Learning Styles, Goal Setting, Writing skills, Note-taking and Assessments & Examination Preparation. We help accelerate your progress through individual support or small group sessions.

We have individual sessions available to

  • Manage your time - set up a study group & time-table.
  • Explore your learning styles.
  • Discover mind mapping.
  • Take effective notes.
  • Effective revision techniques that minimize stress.
  • Become an effective reader.

Counseling & Advisory Sessions

These Sessions are here to help you gain understanding and insight into any difficulties you may be experiencing, enabling you to fulfill your academic and personal potential. We have dedicated advisors who are able to support all trainees for giving extra advice or encouragement to give their best in studies. Our academic counselors & advisors offer support for study and personal issues to help you achieve your goals. In TSD, our counselor helps the trainee to identify areas of difficulty so we can develop strategies to improve their academic performance. Common areas of difficulty include balancing workload, negotiating group work, understanding academic expectations, meeting deadlines, and successfully completing tasks. They can help you identify issues that might be affecting or disrupting your studies.

Some of the issues we can help with

  • Study related issues & academic stress.
  • Problems at home.
  • Personal and sensitive issues.
  • Anger, depression, anxiety.
  • Work out what you want to do with your life by helping you understand your thoughts, doubts and feelings.
  • Determine your interests and skills.
  • Identify resources to help you with your education and career goals.
  • Develop a game plan to help you achieve your goals.

Suggestion, Feedback & Complaints

We strive to provide our trainees with the best possible help and support, and welcome any opportunities to improve ourselves. If trainees and his/her parents have any suggestion & feedback which could help us, we would like to hear from you. We welcome your feedback, suggestions & complaints. We will always try to assist you with concerns and respond to your complaint quickly and fairly. All the suggestions, feedback & formal complaint have to be registered in written in the institute for effective follow-up of the same.

Safety and Security Service

Security for trainees and staff while in institute is provided by Security officers. 50+ CCTV cameras for 24X7 surveillance to ensure in institute safety and security.

We provide the following services

  • Provide a security presence during peak hours.
  • Maintain and monitor security cameras.
  • Installation of Fire Safety Kits in the institute.