IIMS family's commitment is to transform our student's dreams into reality

We make the following commitments to our students

  • Provide Careers guidance, employment support, welfare support and support with personal matters.
  • Documentation to help you to record your progress, reflect on areas for improvement, and plan for your development.
  • Programs those are interesting, well planned and organized.
  • Trainers who are committed to your learning and are good at teaching their subjects.
  • Regular meetings with your trainer to discuss and track your progress.
  • Modules & Lessons on employability.
  • To be supported with any difficulties that you may have promptly.
  • Good audio-visual classrooms, IT facilities and resources to support learning.
  • An environment where equality and diversity are valued and actively promoted.
  • The right to fairness and equality in the way you are treated.
  • To take part in and enjoy student life through Extra Curricular Activities & Soft Skills Sessions and events outside of core learning.
  • Enhance Employability Skills-Personal Attributes, Core Values & Managerial Competencies.
  • SWOT analysis for each Learner.

IIMS Family expect from you as a Disciplined, Devoted & Determined Student

  • Set their own personal & professional development goals and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Good attendance and punctuality (with good reason for any absence).
  • Good behavior and respect to others.
  • Strive for excellence in their studies and seek to achieve high academic expectations
  • Take full advantage of opportunities to develop and implement career plans.
  • Completing your work on time and to the best of your ability.
  • Taking care of our institute environment for your own benefit and the benefit of others.
  • Using the institute facilities to help you succeed.
  • Do your best, give your best and achieve your best...

IIMS Family Promise to You As Parents And Guardians

We believe that the best results for your son or daughter will be achieved if we work closely together; we treat students as mature individuals when they come to the institute, but we will monitor their behavior. This will be done via regular interaction. Attendance is monitored and you will be notified if your son or daughter fails or absent to attend classes, tests & examinations, without prior notice. We will keep you informed of their progress and performance. At IIMS we offer young people real choice – we have a wide range of skill with clear pathways and progression opportunities for them at the end. All routes lead to somewhere. We also invite you to personally call or email or through letter our TSD staff with any questions, needs, ideas, or concerns you have.