Enviable Infrastructure

IIMS has a stress free ambiance & spacious with pollution free environment. The Institute has state of the art infrastructure and is centrally air conditioned. The following infrastructure is the prerequisite for a modern institute offering a curriculum of higher education in Management, Employability skills, Communication, Computer Lab...

The use of information, communication and its tools in the field of education has seen tremendous growth in the recent past. Technology has entered the huge aura in a big way to become the core of a central teaching and learning aspects. In this context, it is vital for trainees to understand technology, be able to use information as a strategic resource and develop competitiveness which are unique and difficult to replicate. Trainees have access to the most modern state-of-the-art computer Lab with well equipped PCs to trainee ratio. The Computer Labs are air conditioned and Internet connectivity has been provided in all the computers. All systems have wide screen TFT monitors are equipped with the latest software tools to cater to the needs of the trainees.

The trainees of IIMS have a well stocked library with the course wise latest books & book bank facility which allow the students to take book at home. We have a well equipped library with good collection of text and reference books, popular business newspaper and magazines & reputed journals in the various areas of management, Communication, Information Technology, Soft Skills, Reasoning etc.

The Lecture Halls are full of state of the art infrastructure to remove stress and encourage innovative learning. The spirits of Classroom teaching encompass the fundamentals of theoretical and conceptual learning. It extends its traditional boundaries into the world of interactive learning through case studies, assignments, quizzes and mock presentations by the trainees. The diverse range of activities by TDC that the trainees undertake outside their classrooms complements the inputs through the curriculum. The trainees are grouped into syndicates, which encourages a free exchange of thoughts. We strongly believe that group learning is essential for creativity. This activity encourages students to understand group dynamics and then perform in groups. The methodology helps trainees to improve their communication skills and harness team spirit. The Communication lab has been set up to improve their listening skills with comprehension and expression with help of audio & visual aids. Trainees also undergo personality development classes that enable them to develop a multi-cultural outlook. We aim to provide a learning structure which helps you to reach your goal no matter where you start from.

Reasons To Join Us

  1. Center Of Swap Dreams
  2. Enviable Infrastructure
  3. Expertise In Practical Education
  4. Extensive Course Coverage
  5. Elevate Your Personality
  6. Industy Oriented Syllabus
  7. SWOT Analysis For Learner
  8. Practical & Project Work
  9. Improvement Of Job Skills
  10. Earn & Learn Together
  11. Retail At A Glance
  12. Exciting Extra Activities
  13. No Hidden Cost
  14. And many more...

Reasons To Join Us