Ideal Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) formally came into being in 2005, was registered under the Societies' Registration Act, 1860 in 2010, the society was formed by a group of educationists and industrialists. IIMS is a professionally managed an autonomous institute established to take an initial step into Education Sector by opening a Management Skills Institute which includes Employability Skills - Personal Attributes & Managerial Competencies. With an object of ensuring a steady flow of skilled manpower and to reduce unemployment amongst the educated youth by equipping them with required employability skills. Although the institute started by focusing on practical education to make students self-reliant & self-dependent and to prepare them for careers in the management field as an entry-level positions in the corporate sector, it continuously extended the scope of its activities to include the molding of the overall personality of the students. The foundation of the institute was not laid in one day; a careful research was done before the establishment of the institute. It was observed that a gap of quality training institute was there in and around the vicinity. The Institute has been designed with a space to hold the strength of 500 students for the year.

IIMS is embarking on his path to reduce unemployment through its carefully designed management programs. We at IIMS believe that the overall development of management education can only reduce unemployment. Management education not only creates an employee, but also develop them to face challenges of the current era. Apart from academic knowledge, management education has employability skills also. These skills include multiple skills as managerial thinking skills, decision-making, problem-solving, analytical skills, communications, creativity, innovation etc.

Be elegant, exclusive, challenging, pleasant and practical, we at IIMS prepares individuals and professionals for a role in the business world and society, aiming to help them to become an efficient and creative as well as a career person who understands diverse culture customs and is more effective in multi - cultural environments and dealings. The ambiance at the IIMS has been so created so as to give the students an exposure to work in the corporate setting. The students are so groomed that they can easily adapt to the specific corporate requirements while remaining sensitive to the needs of different sections of the society.

Reasons To Join Us

  1. Center Of Swap Dreams
  2. Enviable Infrastructure
  3. Expertise In Practical Education
  4. Extensive Course Coverage
  5. Elevate Your Personality
  6. Industy Oriented Syllabus
  7. SWOT Analysis For Learner
  8. Practical & Project Work
  9. Improvement Of Job Skills
  10. Earn & Learn Together
  11. Retail At A Glance
  12. Exciting Extra Activities
  13. No Hidden Cost
  14. And many more...

Reasons To Join Us