Welcome To IIMS Family

Congratulations on your decision to join our IIMS family. You have selected the institute that will offer you unbeatable training programs for a rewarding career. IIMS aims to provide you with a distinctive combination of academic excellence and professional relevance, a combination designed to provide a compact foundation for a lifetime of professional and personal development. In today's world, Employers are looking for people who are forthright, dedicated, skilled and hardworking. We feel that Indian education system imparts only academic knowledge to our youth. We hope and believe that our young generation needs to have professional education & training for succeeding in life.

At IIMS our aim is to help students grow to leaders one prefers to become: one who is creative and confident in a wide range of functions, who can operate cross culturally in any industry and who knows how to achieve results. The long & short of it is "We unveil the true leaders & transform student's future better to best".

As its President, I passionately believe that the management education not only gives you a successful career but also gives you a better future too in a rapidly changing and global environment. I'm confident that pursuing your management education through IIMS would be one of the most exciting and rewarding professional experiences of your life. In my vision IIMS will continue to be more challenging, more innovative and a more integrated experience.

As Secretary of IIMS I believe that IIMS is 'CENTER OF SWAP DREAMS'Because we know-"If you have one rupee and I have another and we exchange, we both have one-one rupee again; If you have a better idea and I have another, and we exchange, we both have two better ideas each." Whether you see yourself as an accountant, a manager, an executive, an expert in the world of business, a marketing professional, a human resource expert, or an entrepreneur, we help you to take there. We do this, primarily through our excellent trainers & staff members. We do this by focusing upon your a -z development.

If you are firm and committed, you are welcome to our IIMS family. Your devotion to make a bright & successful career in corporate world will match our passion to transform your 'dream' into reality. Since, we aim to admit the limited seats, thus, students are benefit to by the individual attention and support of trainers & mentors. We would be pleased to consider your admission for our programs if you undergo pre-requisites and match to our bona fide requirements.

Our students make a commitment to improvement when they come to IIMS by adopting the formula of L3 - Learn, Leap 'n' Lead. In turn, the Institute is committed to continuous improvement so that the expectations of our students can be met.