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We train students to be successful leaders as well as effective team players.

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IIMS has a stress free ambiance & spacious with pollution free environment.


We make every effort to keep the quality high.

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Congratulations on your decision to join our IIMS family. You have selected the institute that will offer you unbeatable training programs for a rewarding career. IIMS aims to provide you with a distinctive combination of academic excellence and professional relevance, a combination designed to provide a compact foundation for a lifetime of professional and personal development. In today's world, Employers are looking for people who are forthright, dedicated, skilled and hardworking. We feel that Indian education system imparts only academic knowledge to our youth. We hope and believe that our young generation needs to have professional education & training for succeeding in life.



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Personality Development Programmes

IIMS embarks on Personality Development Programs (PDPs) on a regular basis. The experience gained with the industry is brought back to the classroom. These Programs offered to build up the confidence level of the students. The personality plays a vital role for professional success as well as personal success. Our programs guarantee to transform a normal average student to an expert officer or manager for a lifetime. Personality Development is essential because we do not have it in our academic curriculum. Even one cannot acquire soft skills by sitting in the classroom and just listening to the instructor talk.